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Level 8 Motorsports Wheels

Level 8 Wheels offers high-quality, affordable truck and off-road wheels. Their alloy wheels incorporate the latest leading manufacturing techniques that perfectly suit any car, truck, SUV, or motorsport vehicle when hitting the mud or trail. Level 8 wheels come in a variety of styles to fit your build like a glove. 

Level 8 Motorsports Wheels

FAQs About Level 8

What is Level 8 known for?

Level 8 Motorsports is known for providing fantastic aftermarket wheels at an affordable price. With such a wide variety of wheel styles, designs, and sizings, Level 8 has the wheels that you need in their collection. Level 8 wheels are meant for trucks, SUVs, and motorsport vehicles, but will also perform well on the street with any car they fit. 

What type of wheels does Level 8 make?

Level 8 Motorsports makes cast alloy wheels that perform well on and off the road. Their wheels have a bold aggressive style that will instantly catch anyone’s eye on your build. Level 8 states that its superior manufacturing process emphasizes the quality and safety of their product without breaking the bank. 

What sizes do Level 8 rims come in?

Level 8 Motorsports makes wheels ranging from 15” to 24” in diameter. Their wheel widths range from 6” all the way up to 11.5”. They also offer their wheels in a wide range of offsets depending on your build. 

What rim finishes and colors does Level 8 offer?

Level 8’s wheels come in machined, matte, and gloss black, as well as polished metal and chrome. 

Where can I find warranty info about Level 8 rims?

As a part of the Wheel Pros family, Level 8 uses its warranty to cover Level 8 Motorsports wheels. This limited warranty protects the chrome and painted aluminum finish against peeling or lifting for one year. It also warrants that the PVD finishes will be free from peeling or lifting for two years. The warranty does not cover damage or structural failure that occurs as a result of an accident, road condition, or structural failure as a result of improper use. Warranties are subject to change, so check the manufacturer's site for the latest details.