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Guide to UTV and ATV Aftermarket Rims / Wheels

By Tire Agent Staff

February 16, 2024


ATVs and UTVs take a lot of abuse off-road. They're built for the toughest terrains, which means you need aggressive tires and rugged wheels. Whether you're looking to replace worn or bent rims for your utility terrain or all-terrain vehicle, or you want to upgrade and customize your off-road adventures, this guide will steer you toward some of our best brands. If you are looking for aftermarket wheels for your 4 wheeler, quad, side by side, Tire Agent has a number of brands worth considering. 

Let's look at some of the best brands for UTV and ATV after-market rims.

MSA Offroad Wheels

The only brand in our list that is dedicated to producing exclusively UTV, ATV and side by side wheels, MSA Offroad was established in 2005. MSA Wheels quickly carved its niche by crafting professional, trail-ready wheels. The brand has earned its stripes as a go-to choice for those on the front lines, with firefighters, park rangers and the National Wildlife Service. Tire Agent carries 19 wheel styles from MSA Offroad, including these:

      • Boxer: The MSA Offroad Boxer offers an interesting spoke design with 8 spokes, 3 with "windows," and one with an etched MSA logo. 
      • Rogue: Finished in satin black with titanium tint, the MSA Rogue is a classic UTV wheel with MSA's signature five-star center logo.
      • Vibe: Featuring split spokes for extra durability, the MSA Offroad Vibe wheels are available in a variety of fitments and sizes. 

Fuel Off-Road

Fuel Off-Road has earned praise for crafting wheels that conquer rugged terrains and unmatched style. As a trailblazer in the after-market off-road wheel scene, Fuel has become a crowd favorite for people seeking rims that blend toughness with elegance. Fuel showcases an extensive lineup of UTV and ATV rims in many styles, finishes and sizes. 

Fuel UTV/ATV rims range from under $200 per wheel to over $600 per wheel, depending on size, finish and construction. 

      • Fuel Reaction: Available in red, gloss black and gloss black with red accents, in a variety of diameters (15" to 24"), bolt patterns, and offsets. 
      • Fuel Triton: Gloss black milled wheel comes in several diameters (17, 20 and 24 inch).
      • Fuel Lethal: Featuring an eight-spoke design, this is one's priced for budget-minded off roaders.

Black Rhino

Black Rhino draws inspiration from the black rhinos of South Africa, an emblem of toughness. The brand has a well-known name in the off-road landscape, specializing in crafting wheels tailored for trucksa and SUVs, as well as the UTV wheels listed here. What sets Black Rhino apart is its commitment to the off-road community, producing authentic wheels designed to conquer the most challenging terrains. Black Rhino ATV/UTV wheels range start just under $200 

      • Black Rhino Chamber: A no-nonsense UTV wheel with minimal options and a price to match
      • Black Rhino Armory: Built to simulate military and tactical operations, this rugged aftermarket rim comes in several finishes and fitments to suit your style. 


Since 1982, KMC has redefined on and off-road performance with innovative styles. KMC Wheels are crafted for those who break barriers and defy conventional thinking in motorsports to achieve the impossible. The brand offers several UTV models, including their beadlocks and forged beadlocks, as well as the KMC Grenade, Grenade Desert, Grenade Crawl and Grenade Off-Road, available online through Tire Agent. 


Since 2012, Hostile Wheels has been the epitome of individuality and passion in off-road vehicles. Customer recognition has been the driving force, acknowledging Hostile Wheels for infusing an aggressive off-road lifestyle into every aspect. From cutting-edge designs to meticulous technical research, the focus is on delivering the finest optical modifications for your vehicle. In its UTV category, Hostile offers a number of beadlock and non-beadlock designs, including the 8-spoke angled Hostile Jigsaw and the Alpha UTV. 


TIS, aptly standing for "twenty inches strong," has been a powerhouse in after-market wheels since 2003. It has built a brand synonymous with strength and durability. Beyond performance, TIS's UTV and ATV rims make a statement with their unique, eye-catching finishes, ensuring that your ride not only conquers the terrain but does so with a touch of bold style. Prices for TIS 559A and 559SB UTV wheels start under $100 per wheel, depending on size and fitment.

      • TIS 559A: One of the lowest priced, no-frills aftermarket UTV/ATV wheels, the capless 559A is about function, not aesthetics. If you're looking for a wheel that performs and you don't care about appearances, start with the TIS 559A.
      • TIS 559SB: The satin-black finish of the 559 for UTVs offers lightweight options for off-road sport enthusiasts. 

From conquering rugged terrains to adding a touch of style, we've covered rims that enhance performance and aesthetics. Find the perfect model to elevate your off-road adventure and make a statement on any trail.

A Word About Used ATV Wheels and Tires 

We are an online retailer that sells only new tires and wheels, so, yes, we have a bias for buying new and not used tire and wheel packages. That said, there are solid safety reasons to favor new tires and wheels over used.

You may find local listings for used ATV or UTV tires and wheels for sale, which can be tempting. Second-hand wheels should be used with caution, given that, like a pair of used shoes, they've been worn in to suit the original driver and vehicle, not yours. In a separate post, we list 6 reasons you shouldn't buy used tires or wheels


To help our customers get the best wheel packages for their vehicles, we've partnered with several companies that offer easy payment plans. You'll find them here, on our finance page. Several options include no money down, weekly or monthly payment options, no credit needed (soft credit checks), and lease-to-own options. Read the fine print and contact any of the vendors with specific questions. We've included their email addresses and phone numbers. 

*Prices are subject to change. Check product listings for the latest prices based on size and dimensions. Shipping is free within the continental United States. Prices do not include installation; Tire Agent is an online tire and wheel retailer, and we do not install tires and wheels. We can, however, connect you during the checkout process with a local auto shop to install your tires.

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