How to Buy Tires Online

By Tire Agent Staff

November 10, 2018


The world of buying consumer products has shifted from in-store to online purchases- and there’s no exception for tires. Tire Agent is the online tire store for the average car owner. The content on the product pages is easy to understand and the customer service is top notch. You don’t need to be an enthusiast or expert to buy with Tire Agent.  Purchasing your tires online will not only save you time and provide a hassle free experience but there are perks such as free shipping, fast delivery and accessible customer support when you buy your tires online at Tire Agent. With over 40 brands to choose from, it’s certain you’ll find the tire that’s right for you.

How to buy tires online in 3 easy steps

Step 1. Select a Tire: Once you are ready to buy tires online you can head to Tire Agent and find your tires one of two ways. Simple and easy to navigate, you can choose  “Shop by Vehicle” or “Shop by Size”. Enter your vehicle's information including the year, make and model [trim] or the specific size you are looking for and instantly view the large selection of tires offered. On the left hand side of the page you will find a filtering tool that allows you to narrow your selection down to exactly what you are looking for.

Decide what matters to you in a tire- whether it be fuel efficiency, tires rated for severe snow conditions, or high treadwear mileage warranties. Once you’ve defined optimal tire qualities based on your needs, you can use Tire Agents uniquely designed website to filter options meeting your criteria. Because we are the specialists we’ve already guided to you recommendations, but once you scroll down the page past the first three tires you see, there is a tab to “Filter” your results. This is where you can narrow your search down to specifics including, but not limited to, the “Brand”, “Mileage Warranty”, and even“Run Flat” tires, if that's what you’re looking for.

We understand that selecting a tire requires a little more than just clicking around, which is why we have tire specialists available to guide you in the right direction, just click the chat box or give us a call!

Step 2. Purchase a Tire: After you select your new tires, you’ll be all set to make your tire purchase. Simply add your tires to your cart and you will be directed to fill in your shipping and billing information (where you want the tires sent). Afterwards you can choose to ship to the address you entered, a local FedEx office, or to one of our preferred installers.

Pickup - Many Tire Agent customers find it more convenient to  send their new tires to a local FedEx office for pick up so their tires are not left outside while they are at work or away from home running errands. Simply choose the “Pick Up” option on the delivery method page and click “Find Locations”.

Ship To A Preferred Installer: For those who want the easiest route from purchase to install you can choose to have Tire Agent ship tires directly to one of our preferred installation partners. Each installation partner has been hand picked based on equipment, professionalism, and quality of work. There is sure to be a local installer near you on our list. If you do not find one near you then let a Tire Agent representative know and they will coordinate the install for you at a nearby shop.

After you’ve chosen a shipping method based on your individual needs and reviewed your order, you can proceed to finalize your purchase by entering your payment information. We also offer three alternative payment plan methods. Click here to learn more about the payment plans offered: Payment Plans.

Step 3. Have your tires installed: Nothing beats the simplicity of ordering your tires online, having them shipped to your preferred installer and effortlessly driving away! It just doesn’t get any easier than that!

To shop for tires online today click here: Tire Agent

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