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Best Aftermarket Muscle Car Rims — Classic & Modern

By Tire Agent Staff

May 05, 2023


Who doesn't love the American muscle car? They're what teenage dreams are made of. You can't go wrong with a Mustang, Camaro, Corvette or Charger. These beauties are built not only for style but also for excellent performance.

When you invest in a piece of art like a muscle car, you want it to reach its full potential. Things that can help are a stunning paint job and immaculate tires. What are the best tires to make your ride look sharp and perform well? Check out our post on the best tires for American muscle cars here.

Today we help you turn your vintage or modern muscle car into a masterpiece by discussing the best aftermarket rims. Without further ado, let's get off to the races, so to speak.

So, What Are Muscle Cars?

Muscle cars are high-performance vehicles with powerful engines, aggressive styling and a focus on speed and acceleration. Here are some examples of classic and modern muscle cars, along with the types of wheels people often look for and why.

Classic muscle cars

1969 Chevrolet Camaro — This vintage muscle car features a powerful V8 engine and a sleek, aggressive design. People often look for classic five-spoke wheels to complement the vehicle's style and give it a classic look.

best rims for muscle cars 1969 chevy camaro

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 — This iconic muscle car is known for its powerful engine and sporty style. Polished or chrome wheels are popular choices as they give the automobile a dazzling appearance. 

best rims for muscle cars ford mustang gt500 1969

1970 Plymouth Barracuda — This classic muscle car is known for its unique style and powerful engine. Vintage-style wheels are often used to complement the car's traditional appearance.

best rims for muscle cars Plymouth barracuda circa 1970

Modern muscle cars

Dodge Challenger — The modern Dodge Challenger features a range of powerful engines and a retro-inspired design. Large, aggressive wheels with a black or gunmetal finish are often used to give the car a menacing look.

dodge challenger rims

Ford Mustang GT — The modern Ford Mustang GT is a popular muscle car with a powerful engine and a sleek, contemporary design. People often look for lightweight wheels made of materials like forged aluminum to improve the car's performance and handling.

ford mustang rims

Chevrolet Camaro SS — The modern Camaro SS is a high-performance muscle car with a range of powerful engine options and a sporty design. Wheels with a polished or black finish are popular choices to give the vehicle a sleek, aggressive feel.

chevy camaro rims

Classic muscle cars often have a more vintage look, while modern ones feature sleek, contemporary styling. In either case, a proper set of wheels can make a big difference in appearance and performance.

How to Choose the Right Rims for Your Muscle Car

When it comes to choosing rims for muscle cars, there are a few styles that tend to look best.

Best rim styles for muscle cars

Classic five-spoke rims: This is a classic choice for muscle cars, especially those from the 1960s and '70s. The five-spoke design is simple and timeless, and it looks great on vehicles with a more traditional or vintage style.

example of five spoke rim for muscle cars

Deep-dish rims: These are characterized by their wide lip, which extends beyond the tire. This style is often associated with muscle cars, giving them a more aggressive, sporty look. Deep-dish rims work great on vehicles with wide stances or fender flares.

example of deep dish rims from American Racing

Split-spoke rims: These are a more modern take on the classic five-spoke design. They often feature a more intricate pattern that adds visual appeal to the rim. Split-spoke rims work well on classic and modern muscle cars and can be finished in various colors and materials.

example of split spoke rims for muscle cars

Popular finishes for muscle car rims

Polished: A polished finish gives the rims a high-shine, mirror-like appearance. This finish works particularly well on classic muscle cars, as it complements the vehicle's chrome accents and gives it a vintage look. (Shown: US Mag Indy U101 example of polished finish rims
Matte black: This is a popular choice for modern muscle cars, as they give the vehicle a more aggressive, stealthy appearance. It's excellent for cars with black or dark accents. (Shown: Mayhem Rampage in matte black) example of matte black rims
Gunmetal: This is a grayish metallic finish that can complement a range of car colors. It works well on classic and modern muscle cars and can give the automobile a more modern, industrial look. (Shown: Touren TR60 in gunmetal) example of gunmetal rims

As for offset and spoke design, these can vary depending on the car and the look you're going for. Muscle cars tend to have a wider offset to give the vehicle a more aggressive stance and better handling.

Spoke design can vary widely, but a simple, classic design looks best on vintage muscle cars, while a more intricate design can work well on modern muscle cars.

Don't know which brands to look for? We can help.


Top Wheel Brands for Muscle Cars

Stick with brands you can trust. Here are some of the best options.

Ultimately, the best rims for your muscle car will depend on your style and preferences, as well as the specific characteristics of your vehicle. Ask a Tire Agent pro for assistance if you need more advice. 

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