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TIS Wheels

TIS Offroad makes aftermarket wheels and rims for off-road and 4x4 vehicles, including Jeep Wranglers, the GMC Denali, Dodge Ram pickups, Chevy Silverado trucks and other light trucks, medium-duty trucks, SUVs and UTVs. TIS stands for Twenty Inches Strong and has been around since 2003. They make cast and forged wheels in several finishes and fitments. TIS is known for aggressive fitments, designs and finishes.  

38 Available Wheel Styles

TIS Wheels

TIS Wheels FAQs

What are TIS wheels known for?

Twenty Inches Strong is known for their aftermarket custom alloy wheels for off-road vehicles. They are known for producing a quality, aggressive rim for pickup trucks, SUVs, and UTVs. They are also known for their stunning finishes. If you're looking for rims that offer stunning looks and rugged performance, look no further than TIS. 

Are TIS wheels good?

TIS aftermarket custom wheels are known for their ruggedness and high quality. 

What type of wheels does TIS make?

TIS Offroad wheels come in several styles: one-piece deep lip, one-piece trail series, one-piece ATV/UTV, open-piece open center, and the model that put TIS on the map: Their dually series, which comes in chrome and black milled finishes. Their rims are made specifically for on-and-off-road vehicles. 

What size wheels does TIS make?

Browse Tire Agent's catalog of TIS wheels, ranging from 14x7 to 20x10 to 26x14 and 26x16 plus an array of fitments between. Their widths range from 14 inches (ATV/UTV) to 26 inches. TIS widths range from 6.5 inches to 16 inches, and their offsets range from -101 mm to +60 mm. 

What finishes do TIS custom aftermarket wheels come in?

Gloss black, anthracite gray, bronze, satin black, red clear, chrome, black with red accents, and gloss red with machined and milled accents. 

Where can I buy TIS wheels?

TIS wheels are available from Tire Agent. All of our in-stock TIS wheels are listed here, and shipping is free on all TIS wheels shipped within the United States. Tire Agent will ship tires and wheels to any address, whether residential or commercial. 

Where can I have my TIS rims installed?

We do not physically install tires and rims, but we do have a number of partner auto shops that will install your tires and wheels for you. If you don't have a local auto shop near you, during the checkout process, you may enter your address and we'll suggest tire installers near you. You may have your wheels shipped directly to them, and we'll include your name on the invoice. Or, we can ship to your home or place of business, and you can deliver the rims when you take your vehicle to have the rims installed.