Buying Tires Online vs. A Local Tire Shop

By Tire Agent Staff

March 29, 2019

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Why should YOU buy tires online? Tire Agent makes the case.

Are you in the market for a new set of rubber? If so, you’re already headed in the right direction. Buying tires online is quick, convenient, and hassle free. Most importantly, when buying tires online at TireAgent, you get expert opinions and personalized recommendations from tire specialists who will help you find the perfect tire.

There may be some tire pressure- but there’s no pressure when you buy your tires online

Local Tire Store - When you are face to face with a fast talking, go-getting salesperson, it doesn’t leave you with too much time to think for yourself. With large or costly purchase decisions, the last thing you want is to feel rushed. Many consumers also don’t ask key questions and can end up leaving with “buyers remorse”; which is common with a big ticket purchase. Many retailers will also pressure you into tire brands where they make the most money, not the brands and models that are the best for you.

Buying Tires Online - Buying tires online allows you the time to make your decision without any pressure or stress with the peace of mind knowing you really made the right choice. Whether you thought about it overnight, talked it over with your partner, or decided on a different tire brand because your neighbor talked you into it, you did it at your own pace.undefined

Inventory & Selection

Local Tire Store - At a local tire store they are limited to the brands, models, and even sizes that are available from their local distributor. An in store salesperson may not sell you what's best for you- but what is just readily available. If you aren’t speaking to someone you trust, you could even end up with the wrong size, too!

Buying Tires Online- When you buy tires online you have access to view and browse over 50 brands available in almost every size for your vehicle. The large online tire selection allows you to discover new tire brands you may have never even heard of. The wide variety allows you to uncover new features that appeal to your lifestyle, or brands made all over the world like Finland, Germany or even here in the USA. With so many options when you buy tires online, it’s TireAgent’s mission to explain and provide easy to understand information about each tire. From Tire Buying Guides, to specific features and benefits listed on each tire product page.

24/7 Shopping

Local Tire Store- Local tire shops are 9 to 5, same as the hours you’re working. If you plan on running errands this weekend, you can cancel that along with other plans, because you have to make time in your busy schedule to go to a local tire shop. With such a limited window of time, you’ll feel even more rushed into making a purchase that should really be thought about. When buying tires with a costly price tag, having the restriction of local store hours isn’t very practical.

Buying Tires Online- We all know the internet is everywhere.. So whether it’s your phone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer, you can shop for tires at anytime.Online, there is never a wrong time to visit the site and browse for the perfect tire… even when you can’t sleep at 2am! And, you get real people, ready to help, even at late hours. Don’t want to talk on the phone? Our live chat support button is always open and ready for a chat with a specialist to help you find the right tires online! 

undefinedIf you put tires in your cart that you want to save for later, you can always go back and see what you had picked out. TireAgent customer support specialists are always on their A-game, and treat each customer with care. So if you forgot what you wanted, need help getting back to the tires you saw three weeks ago, or want an email sent with every single tire in your size, you can count on the TireAgent team to be there for your every need.

Transparency & Clarity

Local Tire Store - Many tire stores aren’t upfront with these options, nor do they even honor all manufacturer warranties. When you purchase tires online at TireAgent, you can be sure you are getting the tires with the correct warranties that work for you. Some retailers don't know how to process a claim or don’t want to be bothered, and will try to charge full price for a new tire even if it came with a warranty.

Buying Tires Online - When you search for tires online at TireAgent, you are getting complete clarity on all manufacturer warranty information, road hazard protection and roadside assistance. Not only that, but TireAgent helps assist in the process when you need to file a claim for a warranty.undefined

*Not all tires on come with these warranties

Financing- Tire payment plans that are affordable, fast & easy to get tires

Buy now and pay later

Local Tire Shop - A local tire shop isn’t going to offer you several different payment plan options. If they do offer financing, it will most likely be a credit card that you don’t need, that requires a hard credit check or only one alternative financing option. If you aren’t approved, you are subjected to the stress and strain of being embarrassed in front of others and walking out feeling rejected.

Buying Tires Online- When you buy tires online you have multiple finance options. With three payment plans offered, TireAgent includes different options for most income levels and credit scores, including for those with no or low credit. And the best part? If you aren’t approved, there’s no stress or strain of walking out feeling rejected. When you buy tires online nobody knows you didn’t get approved for a payment plan, and better yet, no one knows that you opted to use a payment plan in the first place! Anonymity about your tire purchase stays between you and TireAgent while your brand new tires are on display for friends and family!

So, online or local? You decide.

Ultimately everyone makes their own choice. We believe the pros of purchasing tires online outweigh the cons of going to a local tire shop. Wouldn't you rather have access to a large inventory to choose from, with no added pressure to buy and payment plans to help you finance your tire purchase? We think so.

TireAgent ships all orders FAST & FREE. Yes, we said it. Free shipping on all orders. So what are you waiting for? Click here to buy your new tires online at TireAgent today!