Online Wheel and Tire Packages

by Tire Agent Staff

Get your rim and tire combos direct from Tire Agent with our exclusive payment plans starting a $0 down. We offer FREE shipping on all orders for top tire and wheel brands.


What Are the Best Apps for Road Trips?

by Tire Agent Staff

There was a time that driving across the country meant buying a physical map and carefully planning the most optimal route across hundreds of miles. Today, whether you’re going cross-country or just between cities, phone apps make road trips easier than ever. Whether you’re planning a big trip soon or ...


Tire Speed Ratings and Load Index: What The Huh?

by Tire Agent Staff

What is tire speed rating? What is tire load index? What is my vehicle's speed rating and load index? We answer these questions and more!


How to Clean Wheels, Tires, Rims

by Tire Agent Staff

How do you clean a vehicle's wheels and tires? Do you need special cleaners to remove dirt from your chrome wheels? Alloy wheels? Here's how to clean tires and wheels.


Tire Leasing and Tire Payment Plans

by Tire Agent Staff

We explain how payment plans for tires work. Choosing a financing plan for your tire purchase is quick and easy with Tire Agent and our financial partners.


The Best All Season Performance Tires for 2022

by Tire Agent Staff

Updated for 2022, this is the list of the best performance all season tires for sedans, light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.


How to Find the Most Fuel Efficient Tires

by Tire Agent Staff

What are the best fuel efficient tires? What does rolling resistance have to do with fuel efficiency? Tire Agent explains fuel efficiency in tires, and what LRR tires are.


Rims vs Wheels, What is the Difference?

by Tire Agent Staff

What is the metal part of a tire called? Wheel? Rim? Is there a difference? Understanding automotive tire anatomy from Tire Agent.


What Are the Different Types of Wheels?

by Tire Agent Staff

What is the difference between alloy and steel wheels? Which is better? Tire Agent explains. (Enjoy FREE shipping with payment plans starting as little as $0 down.)


What Are the Best Tires If You're On a Budget?

by Tire Agent Staff

Even though the old saying "you get what you pay for" is mostly true with tires, you can still find low-cost tires that are above average in quality. Cheap tires can mean low prices and low quality, but not always. You can find decent tires that handle well, have good ...