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Hydroplaning: What It Is and How to Avoid It

by Tire Agent Staff

How to avoid hydroplaning. What to do if your vehicle starts to hydroplane. What NOT to do when aquaplaning. Factors that contribute to hydroplaning.


Should I Rent to Own or Finance My Tires And Wheels?

by Tire Agent Staff

What is the difference between tire financing, wheel financing and 90 days same as cash? How rent to own wheel and tire packages work.


New Tires Front or Back: Where Should 2 Replacement Tires Go?

by Tire Agent Staff

Replacing 2 tires, or splitting cheaper tires with better tires? Here's what the experts say about where to put your best tires on your car, truck, or SUV.


Do New Tires & Rims Make Good Gifts?

by Tire Agent Staff

As much as we want to say yes, it's always a good idea to give tires and rims as gifts, this isn't true. Here's when you should and shouldn't give tires and rims as gifts.


Best Tires for Minivans

by Tire Agent Staff

Best tires for your minivan based on budget, fuel-efficiency, comfort ride, luxury and more. Free shipping on all minivan tires within the U.S.


How Often Should You Replace Your Tires?

by Tire Agent Staff

Guide to tire replacement based on tire age, driving style, tread depth, tread type. How to measure tread depth. How to find the age of your tire.


Premium Rim Guide: What Are Premium Wheels?

by Tire Agent Staff

Premium vs alloy wheels. Premium vs steel wheels. Pros and cons of premium wheels. Plus 6 premium rim brands worth considering


Tire Load Index and Why It Matters (Chart)

by Tire Agent Staff

Tire load index, load ratings and load x speed rating chart. Get the guide to understanding tire load index (free) with illustrations and a downloadable chart.


Best All Season Performance Tires

by Tire Agent Staff

Our list of the best all-season performance tires, based on treadwear, warranty, handling, noise reduction and price. Tire Agent where shipping is always free (US)


6 Best Apps for Buying and Selling Cars

by Tire Agent Staff

If you’re selling a used car or looking to buy a new car, you've got options other than your local car dealership. Leverage the wide availability of these online marketplaces so you get the best deal on a new or used car.