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Highway Terrain Tires: H/T Tire Meaning

by Tire Agent Staff

Considering highway tires for your SUV, CUV, LT or car? H/T tires vs all season, all terrain and more in this guide from Tire Agent.


Tire Buying Guide: How Do You Know Which Tires to Buy?

by Tire Agent Staff

If only buying new tires was as easy as buying a new pair of sneakers. All the codes, tread types, brands and models -- how do you know? Get Tire Agent's guide to tire buying.


Guide to Winter Tires, Snow Tires and Best Wheels/Rims for Winter Driving

by Tire Agent Staff

Side by side comparison of all season, all weather, all terrain, snow tires and studded snow tires to help answer: Do I Need Snow Tires?


Tire Repair Guidelines: When to Patch, Plug or Pitch a Tire

by Tire Agent Staff

When can you fix a flat tire? What kind of punctures are OK to plug or patch (or both) and what kind cannot and SHOULD NOT be fixed?


What Are The Best Tread Life, High Mileage Tires?

by Tire Agent Staff

11 passenger vehicle tires that have the highest UTQG tread wear ratings -- best tires for tread life, high mileage, SUVs, cars and more.


What Are Bias Ply Tires Used For?

by Tire Agent Staff

Although they are not nearly as common as radial tires, bias ply tires still have some applications. What are bias plies?


What Are the Different Types of Wheels? Alloy, Steel, Chrome & Mags

by Tire Agent Staff

Rims fall into two basic types: aluminum alloy and steel wheels. In this guide, we explain alloy vs steel wheels, as well as chrome wheels and mag wheels.


Complete Guide to Trailer Tires: The Right Specialty Trailer (ST) Tire for the Job

by Tire Agent Staff

The specialists in tires and wheels answer FAQs about trailer tires, including ... what are ST trailer tires and what kind do you need?


What Are the Best Off-Road Wheel Brands?

by Tire Agent Staff

We've got 18 of the best, most rugged and aggressive off-road wheel brands from American Truxx to Worx Off-Road. Photos, prices, free shipping in the U.S.


Guide to Choosing the Best Tires for Small Cars

by Tire Agent Staff

If you're looking for replacement tires for your little ride, this post will help you understand what to look for in aftermarket tires for compact and subcompact cars.

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